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Éric Anceau is currently Senior Lecturer at the University Paris-Sorbonne, where he teaches the history of the nineteenth century. He was awarded the Grand Prix of the Fondation Napoleon in 2000 for his research on the Second Empire. He has notably published Les grands discours parlementaires du xixe siècle de Benjamin Constant à Adolphe Thiers (Armand Colin, 2005), Introduction au xixe siècle, tome 1 : 1815-1870 (Belin, 2003), tome 2: 1870-1914 (Belin, 2005), and Napoléon III. Un Saint-Simon à cheval (Tallandier, 2008).

He is also Vice-president of the Comité d’histoire parlementaire et politique, Deputy Director of the journal Histoire, Économie, Société, and co-manager of the Labex EHNE research pillar “L’Europe dans une épistémologie du politique” (Europe in an Epistemology] of Politics).