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Isabelle DAVION | EHNE

Isabelle DAVION

Isabelle Davion is a historian, an Associate Professor in the modern history of Germanic countries and Central and Eastern Europe at Sorbonne Université, and associate researcher at the Service historique de la Défense. Her doctoral thesis, entitled Mon voisin, cet ennemi. Les relations polono-tchécoslovaques dans la politique de sécurité française 1919-1939, received an award from the Académie des sciences morales et politiques in 2010. Her research primarily focuses on the two world wars (published the Rapport Pilecki. Déporté volontaire à Auschwitz in 2014 and contributed to the A Companion to World War II in 2013), as well as international relations (Penser le système international xixe-xxie siècles in 2013, Les Européens et la guerre in 2013, and Militaires et diplomates français face à l’Europe médiane. Entre médiations et constructions des savoirs in 2017). She also contributes as a historical consultant for films and DVD releases.