Philippe VONNARD

After completing a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in “Social sciences and sport,” Philippe Vonnard completed a doctorate in sports science and physical education at l’université de Lausanne. He is currently serving as a postdoctoral fellow, financed by the Fonds national suisse de la recherche scientifique (FNS), at l’Institut des sciences de la communication CNRS/Paris-Sorbonne/UPMC in Paris, where he is collaborating with the “Material Civilization” research area of the LabEx EHNE. In addition to the publication of a number of articles on the Europeanization of football, he recently coordinated Building Europe with the Ball (with Grégory Quin and Nicolas Bancel, Oxford, Peter Lang, 2016), and wrote Le football suisse. Des pionniers au professionnels (with Jérôme Berthoud and Grégory Quin, Lausanne, PPUR, 2016).