Élise Petit, a holder of an agrégation and a PhD in the History of Music, is associated with the “The Europe of Wars and the Traces of War” pillar of the LabEx EHNE. Her reserch deals with musical policies in twentieth-century Germany, from the end of World War One to reunification, and the question of the construction of identity through music. She especially analyzes the process of musical reconstruction in the aftermath of the major global conflicts. She also studies issues surrounding musical creation and policy in the context of the Cold War in Germany. She is the author of the works Musiques interdites sous le IIIe Reich (Paris: Bleu nuit éditeur, 2015, co-authored with Bruno Giner) and Musique et politique en Allemagne, du IIIe Reich à l’aube de la guerre froide (Paris: PUPS, 2016).