Benoît Vaillot is the holder of an agrégation and a doctoral student in modern history at l’université de Strasbourg and the European University Institute. He has completed a dissertation on the French-German border between 1871 and 1914, which is approached from a transnational perspective. As such, he is interested in the construction of identities and sovereignties from the bottom up, beginning with local actors. He has coordinated the Nationalism Working Group at the European University Institute since 2017. He has published two articles on these topics: “L’option des Alsaciens-Lorrains (1871-1873). Rester et devenir Allemand ou émigrer et demeurer Français?,” in Ségolène Plyer, ed., L’Alsace et le tournant de 1918, Strasbourg, Presses universitaires de Strasbourg, 2020; and “Un monument sur la frontière. Commémorer la guerre de 1870 à Mars-la-Tour (1871-1914),” In Situ. Revue des patrimoines 38 (2019). 


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