Bruno Petey-Girard is a professor at the University of Paris-East Créteil. His research focuses on evolutions in literature about spirituality from 1530 to 1630, as well as on how French cultural life was performed during the Renaissance. He has written Le Sceptre et la Plume. Images du prince protecteur des lettres de la Renaissance au Grand Siècle (The Scepter and the Pen: Images of the Prince, Protector of the Humanities from the Renaissance to the Great Century) (Geneva, 2010), co-edited the publication of Premières Œuvres (First Works), by Philippe Desportes (Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2014), and co-organized the exhibit François Ier, pouvoir et image (Francis I: Power and Image) ( Paris: BnF, 2015).

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