Graham Harding is a wine historian at the University of Oxford. Champagne in Britain, 1800-1914: how the British transformed a French luxury focuses on the links between England and France in the long nineteenth century and how French producers and English merchants and agents created the oenological and marketing template for champagne as we know it today. The Routledge Handbook of Wine Culture, of which he was contributor and co-editor, was published in 2022. Both books won the Prix de l’OIV (History) – in 2022 and 2023.    

He has lectured and published extensively on the history of wine in the 19th and 20th centuries. His work includes chapters and articles covering the early history and origins of branding in the UK, the branding and advertising of champagne in the nineteenth century, the history of the champagne glass, the development of Champagne as a ‘cultural terroir’, the changing patterns of 19th-century dining in Britain and America and the gendering of wine. 

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