Laurent-Henri VIGNAUD

An Associate Professor of early modern history at Université de Bourgogne, Laurent-Henri Vignaud is a specialist in the history of science and humanist erudition. He is a member of the Centre G. Chevrier/UMR 7366. His research focuses more specifically on naturalist and medical knowledge from the Renaissance to Pasteur. After a dissertation devoted to natural wonders in the scholarly literature of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, his research moved toward the study of scholarly means of information (exchange of manuscripts, libraries, translations), scientific controversies, and dissenting knowledge during the early modern and modern periods. He is the author of a university textbook entitled Sciences, techniques, pouvoirs et sociétés du xve siècle au xviiie siècle (Malakoff, Dunod, 2016), and more recently, in collaboration with Françoise Salvadori, of Antivax. La résistance aux vaccins du xviiie siècle à nos jours (Paris, Vendémiaire, 2019).