Liliane Hilaire-Pérez is a Professor of Early Modern History at the Université Paris-Cité, and a Director of Studies at the EHESS. She works on technological culture during the early modern period, as well as linguistic practices in eighteenth-century artisanal and merchant circles, with a focus on the French and English space. She has published her doctoral dissertation, L’invention technique au siècle des Lumières (Paris, Albin Michel, 2000), as well as her HDR dissertation, La pièce et le geste. Artisans, marchands et savoir technique à Londres au xviiie siècle (Paris, Albin Michel, 2013). She has also published a series of summaries with Guillaume Carnino, Histoire des techniques. Mondes, sociétés, cultures (xvie-xviiie siècle) (Paris, PUF (coll. “Nouvelle Clio,” 2016); and with Fabien Simon and Marie Thébaud-Sorger, L’Europe des sciences et des techniques. Un dialogue des savoirs, xve-xviiie siècle (Rennes, PUR, 2016). She is the publication director of the journal Artefact. Techniques, histoire et sciences humaines.

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