Marilyn BOOTH

Marilyn Booth is Al Saud Professor for the Study of the Contemporary Arab World, Oriental Institute and Magdalen College, Oxford. Her most recent monographs are The Career and Communities of Zaynab Fawwaz: Feminist Thinking in fin-de-siècle Egypt (2021) and Classes of Ladies of Cloistered Spaces: Writing Feminist History in fin-de-siècle Egypt (2015); in 2019, she published the edited collection Migrating Texts: Circulating Translations around the Ottoman Mediterranean. She has translated many works of Arabic fiction into English, including recently Jokha Alharthi’s Celestial Bodies (2019 Man Booker International Prize), The Penguin’s Song and No Road to Paradise by Lebanese novelist Hassan Daoud, and Huda Barakat’s Voices of the Lost.