Pierre-Louis BUZZI

A certified professor of history-geography and the holder of a Master’s degree (thesis on Les immigrés italiens en Lorraine française pendant la Première Guerre mondiale (1914-1918) supervised by J.-N. Grandhomme in 2015), Pierre-Louis Buzzi’s research primarily focuses on the war experience specific to Italian immigrants in France during the First World War. He also analyzes how memory of this conflict was constructed within Italian colonies during the postwar period. His publications include the following articles: “Les immigrés italiens en France pendant la Première Guerre mondiale. Mobilités, migrations et recompositions,” Altreitalie 56 (2018): 17-30; “Une enfance ‘d’entre-deux.’ Souvenirs d’un fils d’immigrés italiens pendant et après la Première Guerre mondiale,” Italies 22 (2018): 269-284.