Sandra BREE

Sandra Brée is a historian and demographer specializing in historical demography and the history of the family. A CNRS researcher at LARHRA, she is also associated with the Centre Roland Mousnier (Sorbonne Université) and the Centre de recherche en démographie (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium). Her research focuses on fertility (Paris l’inféconde, Paris, INED, 2017; “Évolution de la taille des familles au fil des générations en France (1850-1966),” Population(F) 72 (2017): 309-342) as well as marriage, separation, and divorce (nineteenth–twenty-first century). She has co-edited with Saskia Hin a book forthcoming in 2019, The Impact of WWI on Marriages, Divorces and Gender Relations in Europe, and will co-organize the next conference of the Société de démographie historique entitled “Divorcer autrefois ? La séparation matrimoniale de l’Antiquité au xxe siècle” (Lyon, November 2019). She has been a member of the society since 2010, and is also in charge of its social media.