The holder of an agrégation in history, Simon Perego is a postdoctoral researcher at the LabEx “Writing A New History of Europe.” A specialist in the history of the Jewish world during the second half of the twentieth century, he coordinated the special feature entitled “Première(s) mémoire(s). Les Juifs de France et la Shoah, de la Libération à la guerre des Six Jours,” in the journal Archives juives. Revue d’histoire des Juifs de France 51 (2018). In 2016 he defended his doctoral dissertation supervised by Claire Andrieu at Sciences Po Paris, which will be published in late 2020 by Champ Vallon under the title Pleurons-les. Les Juifs de Paris et la commémoration de la Shoah, 1944-1967. His current research focuses on the history of Yiddish-speaking Jewish populations after the Second World War, along with their testimonial practices.

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