Swapna Banerjee is a professor in the History department at Brooklyn College (City University of New York). Her research lies at the intersection of gender, class, race, and ethnicity in colonial South Asia and it focuses on women, servants, children, fathers, masculinity, domesticity, and family. She is the author of Men, Women and Domestics: Articulating Middle-Class Identity in Colonial Bengal (Oxford University Press, 2004) and the co-editor of Mapping Women’s History in Colonial and Postcolonial India (forthcoming). On a fellowship from the Australian Research Council, she is currently working on a collaborative research project, Ayahs and Amahs: Transcolonial Servants in Australia and Britain, 1780-1945 (https://ayahsandamahs.com), which historicizes the travelling Indian ayahs and Chinese amahs of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.