Ursula E. KOCH

Ursula E. Koch is Professor Emeritus of Communication Sciences at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. A specialist in the history of German and French media, she is especially interested in illustrated satirical newspapers, and co-founded with Christian Delporte and Jean-Claude Gardes l’Équipe interdisciplinaire de recherche sur l’image satirique (www.eiris.eu). The author of works such as Der Teufel in Berlin. Von der Märzrevolution bis zu Bismarcks Entlassung. Illustrierte politische Witzblätter einer Metropole 1848-1890 (Cologne, 1991), she recently published “La ‘guerre des sexes’ vue par des caricaturistes français et allemands du xixe siècle” Ridiculosa 21 (2014), and De “Merkozy” à “Merkhollande”: les caricaturistes français et allemands face à la “crise de l’euro” (2010-2012) (Paris, CNRS Éditions, 2018). Ursula E. Koch has also created and produced travelling exhibitions, including Marianne et Germania dans la caricature, which was shown in numerous countries, with a new edition of its catalog, Marianne und Germania in der Karikatur (1550-1999), being published in 2011.