Valérie Dubslaff, the holder of a doctorate in German Studies and Modern History, is Associate Professor in the History and Civilization of the Germanic World at the university Rennes 2/ERIMIT (EA 4327). Her research focuses on the European far-right after 1945. As a specialist in women’s and gender history, she devoted her dissertation to the women of the National Democratic Party of Germany (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands). She is more broadly interested in extremist continuities during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and has explored the methods of organization (actors, parties, movements) and action (legalist, clandestine, terrorist, etc.), ideology, propaganda, traditions, and legacy of both the historic and contemporary far-right (national populism, Neo-Nazism, identity-based movement) within the German-speaking space. She is a member of the “Gender and Europe” research focus of the LabEx “Writing a New History of Europe.”