Material civilization

The european space studied through the flow of energy and raw materials, communication networks, and the mobility of merchants, marchandise, consumers, and citizens.

Political Europe

Can Europe be considered a political object? A typology of the different projects for a political Europe, a reflection on the flow of ideas and models in a European "public sphere".

From Humanism to Enlightenment

European history seen through culture, representations, and socio-religious identities.European history seen through culture, representations, and socio-religious identities.

Europe, Europeans and the World

The construction of European identity as it relates to the world: its relations, exchanges, and "return effects".

Wars and memories

The conflicts of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries–guerilla conflict, civil war, world war–along with the material and psychological traces left by wars.

Gender and Europe

A gendered history of Europe, in which gender relations are a constituent element of the definition of European political, economic, and cultural space.

Arts in Europe

National traditions, circulations, and identities in European art. An analysis of the factors of unity and division at work in the complex development of European cultural identity.

Education, teaching, and professional training

The Education, Teaching, and Professional Training research focus offers comparative historical analyses of the evolution of educational ideas and practices, the structuring of educational systems in European countries, disciplinary and non-disciplinary teaching, and professional training.


Ecology and environment

A history of Europe through the prism of its relations with its environment: is there a European peculiarity? Are there distinctive national features? What circulations are being implemented to manage ecosystems, and what crosscutting influences are there with regard to environmental policy (protection of resources, regulation of pollution, etc.)?

Migrations in Europe

Europe-wide analyses of human flows, trajectories, and mobilities in collaboration with the Institut Convergences Migrations.

International relations

Europe in the making: political, economical and cultural relations within European borders and between European countries and the rest of the world.