Education, teaching, and training

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Pedagogy and Pedagogist in Europe XIXth-XXth
Mathematics in secondary education in Europe (1800-1950)
Author(s) : Thomas PREVERAUD
Mutual tuition, a pedagogical “innovation” from the early nineteenth century
Author(s) : Sylviane TINEMBART
Pedagogy of Collective Memory in Europe (The)
Author(s) : Sébastien LEDOUX
Educational democratization and inequality
Unified schools and equal opportunity in Europe during the twentieth century
Author(s) : Bruno GARNIER
Teachers’ unions and school democratization in Europe (second half of the twentieth century)
Author(s) : André D. ROBERT
Student organizations in Europe during the nineteenth century
Author(s) : Antonin DUBOIS
Religions and education in Europe (nineteenth to twenty-first century)
Author(s) : Ismail FERHAT
Local to Global : Educational Circulation
Materiality of School Culture in Europe, nineteenth-twentieth century (The)
Author(s) : Renaud D’ENFERT
Circulation of knowledge in the physical sciences during the twentieth century (The)
Author(s) : Pierre VERSCHUEREN
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