European art

National traditions, circulations, and identities in European art. An analysis of the factors of unity and division at work in the complex development of European cultural identity.

Based on the EHNE's article: 
Diffusion of Artistic Forms: “Styles”: 1200, 1300 and 1400
Geography and circulation of artistic models
Commissioning of Artwork for Charterhouses during the Middle Ages
Author(s) : Cristina DAGALITA
Contemporary Christ in European painting from the second half of the nineteenth century
Author(s) : Benjamin FOUDRAL, Olivier SCHUWER
Flemish Artists’ Training Voyages in Italy
Author(s) : Élinor MYARA KELIF
Monastic Orders as Vehicles of Diffusion in Europe
Author(s) : Anne-Julie LAFAYE
Migration and artistic identities
Migration and artistic identities
Author(s) : Christine GOUZI
Filmmakers from Berlin and Vienna exiled in Hollywood
Author(s) : Laure SCHNAPPER
Judeo-German Musicians Exiled to the United States (1933-1944)
Author(s) : Laure SCHNAPPER
Migration of Twentieth Century European Dance Artists
Author(s) : Claire PAOLACCI
Sack of Rome (1527): the Triumph of Mannerism in Europe
Author(s) : Anne LEPOITTEVIN
French engravers in the face of Jansenism during the Eighteenth Century
Author(s) : Christine GOUZI
French Protestant Artists and the Refuge
Author(s) : Anne LEPOITTEVIN
Migrations of Italian Artists to France, from 1650 to 1789
Author(s) : Jérôme DE LA GORCE
Space, city and territory
Architecture and real estate speculation during the second half of the nineteenth century
Author(s) : Elsa JAMET
The art of Europe challenged by the "other"
European Art Facing Otherness
Author(s) : Christine GOUZI
European influence in Japanese architecture (1860-1930)
Author(s) : Jean-Sébastien CLUZEL
Introduction of European art in Korea during the eighteenth century
Author(s) : JeongIn KIM
Figure of the Chinese in European Art (The)
Author(s) : Stéphane CASTELLUCCIO
Russeries in the Construction of a European Exoticism
Author(s) : Léopoldine CHAMBON
Architectural Japanism in Europe (1860-1910)
Author(s) : Jean-Sébastien CLUZEL
The representation of Europe
Cartographic Representation of Europe during the Renaissance
Author(s) : Émilie D’ORGEIX
European Imagination of the Forest: From the Margins to Loss
Author(s) : Benoît DAUVERGNE
Nationalist Speeches on Art during the 19th century
Nationalist Discourses on Art During the Nineteenth Century
Author(s) : Thierry LAUGÉE, Carole RABILLER
Belgian Symbolism and Nationalist Discourse
Author(s) : Benjamin FOUDRAL
Author(s) : Jérémie KOERING
John Ruskin (1819-1900) and French Painting
Author(s) : Carole RABILLER
Diffusion of Artistic Forms: “Styles”: 1200, 1300 and 1400
Author(s) : Sabine BERGER
Archaeology as a Central Issue in the Creation of Identity
Author(s) : Gabrielle ABBE, Mathieu JESTIN
Collection of European images
Library of a “True Connoisseur”, Charles Sauvageot (1787-1860) (The)
Author(s) : Philippe MALGOUYRES
Henriette Hertz, Jacques Doucet, Aby Warburg
Author(s) : Alberto FRIGO
Architectural photography in Europe
Author(s) : Mathilde FALGUIERE
Sergei Eisenstein, a man of books
Author(s) : Ada ACKERMAN
The Monument
The Monument
Author(s) : Jean-Yves ANDRIEUX, Alexandre GADY
Ruin as Monumental Object in European Architecture
Author(s) : Tuija LIND
National Architectures in Europe
Author(s) : Fabienne CHEVALLIER
Industrial Heritage: A New Cultural Issue
Author(s) : Jean-Yves ANDRIEUX
Prospective and experimental utopias in 1960s Soviet architecture
Author(s) : Stéphane GAESSLER
Cathedral, an emblematic European monument (The)
Author(s) : Dany SANDRON
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