European humanism

European history seen through culture, representations, and socio-religious identities.

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Printers: new cultural actors in Europe beginning in the late fifteenth century
Catherine KIKUCHI
Cultural heritage
Birth of Humanist Historiography
Author(s) : Gary IANZITI
Languages of Islam During the Renaissance
Author(s) : Benoît GRÉVIN
Translating: the art of interpreting ancient texts
Author(s) : Laurence BERNARD-PRADELLE
Latin in Humanist Europe
Author(s) : Fulvio Delle DONNE
Ruins and Vestiges in the Time of the Humanists
Author(s) : Clémence REVEST
New Testament of Erasmus (1516) (The)
Author(s) : Marie BARRAL-BARON
Recovery of manuscripts (The)
Author(s) : David RUNDLE
The Europe of wars of religion
Erasmus and Luther
Author(s) : Marie BARRAL-BARON
Attempts at Pacification in Europe during Times of Religious Turmoil
Author(s) : Sophie TEJEDOR
Doubts regarding faith
Author(s) : Antoine ROULLET
Print Wars in Europe during the Sixteenth Century
Author(s) : Tatiana DEBBAGI BARANOVA
Parallel spaces of the Renaissance
Hereafter: Saint Michael (The)
Author(s) : Romain DOUCET
Curious Science of Bohemians and Gypsies in the Face of Learned Europe (The)
Author(s) : Yann RODIER
Diplomatic practices
French Revolution and Diplomatic Practice (The)
Author(s) : Virginie MARTIN
The affirmation of a “consular diplomacy” during the modern period
Author(s) : Mathieu JESTIN
Territorial Diplomacy
Author(s) : Birte WASSENBERG
Nordic Cooperation
Author(s) : Louis CLERC
European Political Cooperation (1970-1993)
Author(s) : Maria GAINAR
The Paris Peace Conference (1919)
Author(s) : Vincent LANIOL
Humanists and Europe
Humanists and Europe
Author(s) : Andrea MARTIGNONI
Birth of Philology (The)
Author(s) : Jeroen DE KEYSER
Printers: new cultural actors in Europe beginning in the late fifteenth century
Author(s) : Catherine KIKUCHI
Humanist Republic of Letters (The)
Author(s) : Cécile CABY
Civic humanism
Author(s) : Brian MAXSON
Europe of knowledge
Wonders of Nature at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Author(s) : Marie LEZOWSKI
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