Gender and Europe

A gendered history of Europe, in which gender relations are a constituent element of the definition of European political, economic, and cultural space.

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Civil law, a tool of masculine domination?
Civil Law, a Tool of Masculine Domination?
Author(s) : Ute GERHARD
Same-sex marriage in Europe
Paternal Authority in Western Europe
Author(s) : Margareth LANZINGER
Prostitution from 1800 to today
Prostitution (19th-21st centuries)
Author(s) : Yannick RIPA
Author(s) : Yannick RIPA
Regulating Prostitution
Author(s) : Yannick RIPA
European Lexicon of Prostitution
Author(s) : Lilian MATHIEU
Male prostitution, 19th-20th centuries
Author(s) : Romain JAOUEN
Prostitution in a colonial setting
Author(s) : Romain TIQUET
Gender and revolution in Europe from the 19th-20th century
Gender and revolution in Europe, 19th-20th centuries
Author(s) : Gabriella HAUCH
Gender of Communism
Author(s) : Michel CHRISTIAN
Gender of the counter-revolution during the nineteenth century
Author(s) : Alexandre DUPONT
Gender and Political Violence (19th-20th centuries)
Author(s) : Fanny BUGNON
Women and barricades
Author(s) : Sylvie APRILE
Gender of '68 (The)
Author(s) : Michelle ZANCARINI-FOURNEL
Female allegories of the nation
Author(s) : Ursula E. KOCH
Women and revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe (nineteenth–twenty-first century)
Author(s) : Valérie DUBSLAFF
The European man, a hegemonic masculinity (19th-21st centuries)
The European man, a hegemonic masculinity
Author(s) : Anne-Marie SOHN
Gender and criminality
Author(s) : Frédéric CHAUVAUD
Military-virile model (The)
Author(s) : Mathieu MARLY
Masculinism in Europe
Author(s) : Christine BARD
Author(s) : Christine BARD
The gender of citizenship in Europe
Gender, Nationality and Naturalization
Author(s) : Linda GUERRY
Feminization of European political personnel and parity in Europe (The)
Author(s) : Sébastien MICHON
Women’s right to vote
Author(s) : Anne-Laure BRIATTE
European Union Gender Equality Policies Since 1957
Author(s) : Sophie JACQUOT
Female “Diplomats” in Europe from 1815 to the Present
Author(s) : Julie Anne DEMEL
Gender of European Community Personnel (The)
Author(s) : Yves DENÉCHÈRE
The Female Actors of European Construction
Author(s) : Yves DENÉCHÈRE
Founding fathers of Europe and the ECSC mother (The)
Author(s) : Mauve CARBONELL
European welfare states and gender
Author(s) : Nadine LEFAUCHEUR
When war disrupts gender
When war disrupts gender
Author(s) : Fabrice VIRGILI
Military service and masculinity
Author(s) : Odile ROYNETTE
Violence, Gender and “Race”
Author(s) : Raphaëlle BRANCHE
War and Virility
Author(s) : Julie LE GAC
Feminization of European Armies
Author(s) : Yannick RIPA, Julie LE GAC, Élodie JAUNEAU, Fabrice VIRGILI
Is war emancipatory for women?
Author(s) : Françoise THÉBAUD
Sexual violence in times of war
Author(s) : Fabrice VIRGILI
From demographic transition to sexual revolutions
From demographic transition to sexual revolutions
Author(s) : Virginie DE LUCA BARRUSSE
Unions and nonmarital births
Author(s) : Sandra BREE
History of Fatherhood during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (The)
Author(s) : Peter HALLAMA
Sexology: A European science
Author(s) : Sylvie CHAPERON
From therapeutic castration to contraceptive vasectomy
Author(s) : Elodie SERNA
Moving Past Infertility
Author(s) : Fabrice CAHEN
Gay rights and LGBTQI movements in Europe
Birth Control in Europe
Author(s) : Anne SALLES
Childbirth without pain
Author(s) : Jocelyne GEORGE
Midwives in Europe
Author(s) : Nathalie SAGE PRANCHÈRE
Surveys on sexuality in Europe
Sexual liberation and sexual revolutions
Author(s) : Alain GIAMI
Religion and gender in Europe
Islam and Gender in Europe
Author(s) : Fabio GIOMI
Gender and Catholic authorities
Author(s) : Anthony FAVIER , Caroline MULLER
Questions of Gender in French and European Protestantism
Author(s) : Stéphane LAVIGNOTTE
Gender of Superstition
Author(s) : Stéphanie SAUGET
Catholic sisters in Europe
Author(s) : Matthieu BREJON DE LAVERGNÉE
Churchmen, Masculinity and the Priestly Ideal
Author(s) : Josselin TRICOU
Gender and profound changes in European Judaism
Author(s) : Béatrice DE GASQUET
Educating Europeans
Educating Europeans
Author(s) : Rebecca ROGERS
Gender and vocational education in Europe (19th-20th centuries)
Author(s) : Marianne THIVEND
Women of science
Author(s) : Louis-Pascal JACQUEMOND
Scouting: an educational method for adolescent boys and girls
Author(s) : Arnaud BAUBÉROT
Coeducation (19th-21st centuries)
Author(s) : Rebecca ROGERS
New Education
Author(s) : Béatrice HAENGGELI-JENNI
Gender in children’s literature in Europe, 19th-21st centuries
Author(s) : Sophie HEYWOOD
Woman readers and women’s reading in Europe
Author(s) : Isabelle MATAMOROS
Feminisms and feminist movements
Feminisms and Feminist Movements in Europe
Author(s) : Anne-Laure BRIATTE
European Women and the Main International Women’s Organizations
Author(s) : Francisca DE HAAN
International Women’s Peace Movements
Author(s) : Annika WILMERS
Reception of The Second Sex in Europe
Author(s) : Sylvie CHAPERON
International Women´s Day (IWD), March 8th
Author(s) : Kerstin WOLFF
Naming Themselves: A Militant Act for Feminists (1967-1991)
Author(s) : Philippe DE WOLF
European Women’s Lobby (EWL)
Author(s) : Claire LAFON
Feminism and Neo-Malthusianism
Author(s) : Anne COVA
European Feminisms in the Face of Fascisms
Author(s) : Mercedes YUSTA RODRIGO
Feminism and the Global Justice Movement
Author(s) : Ariane JOSSIN
Feminist Posters (Nineteenth to Twenty first Century)
Author(s) : Bibia PAVARD
Gender and circulations in Europe
Gender and circulations in Europe
Author(s) : Delphine DIAZ
Women, gender and exile in Europe during the modern period
Author(s) : Delphine DIAZ
Women Letter Writers and the Construction of a European Space
Author(s) : Marie-Claire HOOCK-DEMARLE
Women’s travels in Europe
Author(s) : Nicolas BOURGUINAT
Women and ICT: reflecting on European circulations
Author(s) : Valérie SCHAFER
Gender of Migrations in the European Union: From the Single European Act (1986) to the Present (The)
Author(s) : Aliki ANGELIDOU, Jean-Luc RICHARD
Gender and the Administration of Immigration in Europe
Author(s) : Philippe RYGIEL
Earning a Living
Earning a Living in Europe during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: a Question of Gender
Author(s) : Monique MERON, Margaret MARUANI, Delphine GARDEY
Domesticity in Europe
Author(s) : Mareike KÖNIG
Gender of Occupations
Author(s) : Stéphane LEMBRÉ
Sexual Harassment at Work
Author(s) : Isabelle GERNET
Gender discrimination in housing?
Author(s) : Danièle VOLDMAN
Legislation on women’s work in Europe
Author(s) : Marie-Thérèse LETABLIER
Women and the professions: a very long road
Author(s) : Sylvie SCHWEITZER
European cinema: male domination masked by art
Author(s) : Geneviève SELLIER
Women Sport Leaders during the Twentieth Century
Author(s) : Florence CARPENTIER, Florys CASTAN-VICENTE, Claire NICOLAS
Gendered body
Gendered body in Europe: between constraint and emancipation (The)
Author(s) : Amandine MALIVIN
Women and Men Faced with Virginity
Author(s) : Pauline MORTAS
Naturism: the body as a central element in the return to nature
Author(s) : Arnaud BAUBÉROT
Queers in Europe
Author(s) : Konstantinos ELEFTHERIADIS
Women’s Bodies, Mothers’ Bodies
Author(s) : Emmanuelle BERTHIAUD
Transidentities: the History of a Category
Author(s) : Arnaud ALESSANDRIN
Gender of football (The)
Author(s) : Philippe VONNARD, Grégory QUIN, Anaïs BOHUON
Women and the Olympic Games
Author(s) : Yannick RIPA
From the natural gender order to the nature of women
Author(s) : Yannick RIPA
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