Material civilization

The european space studied through the flow of energy and raw materials, communication networks, and the mobility of merchants, marchandise, consumers, and citizens.

Based on the EHNE's article: 
Illuminated Advertising in Europe
Stéphanie LE GALLIC
Transnational consumption and circulations
Automobile Tinkering Cultures in Twentieth-Century Europe
Auteur-e-s : Alexia Sofia PAPAZAFEIROPOULOU
Bulgarian yoghurt: manufacturing authenticity
Auteur-e-s : Elitsa STOILOVA
Degrowth: the history of an idea
Auteur-e-s : Timothée DUVERGER
Mediterranean red coral: A European merchandise of the first globalization
Auteur-e-s : Olivier RAVEUX
Energy transition and environment
Gas power and the urban environment in Europe during the 19th century
Auteur-e-s : Jean-Pierre WUILLOT
Greenery in European Cities
Auteur-e-s : Charles-François MATHIS, Emilie-Anne PEPY
Major technological networks and sovereignty
Electrifying colonial Africa: Portuguese developments
Auteur-e-s : Ana Paula SILVA
Not so strategic: colonial Cyprus’s harbours and railway
Auteur-e-s : Serkan KARAS
Critical Infrastructure: Europe’s vulnerability geography
Auteur-e-s : Erik van der VLEUTEN
Natural gas grid: the Swedish-Soviet negotiations
Auteur-e-s : Anna ÅBERG
Material Modernity(ies): Europe in Expansion
Material Modernity(ies): Europe in Expansion
Auteur-e-s : Mathieu FLONNEAU
The Ninth World Road Congress – Lisbon, 1951
Auteur-e-s : Maria Luísa SOUSA
Construction of the first railway routes through the Alps (1848-1882)
Auteur-e-s : Émilie COTTET DUMOULIN, Judith SCHUELER
Kafka: A Witness of One of the First International Airshows
Auteur-e-s : Mathieu FLONNEAU
Illuminated Advertising in Europe
Auteur-e-s : Stéphanie LE GALLIC
Origins of the Aerostat (1780s)
Auteur-e-s : Reynald ABAD
Second Birth of the Bottle (18th century)
Auteur-e-s : Reynald ABAD
Motoring And National Victories
Auteur-e-s : Mathieu FLONNEAU
Risks and Security
Risks and Security
Auteur-e-s : Alain BELTRAN
Nuclear fear in Europe: from weapons to power stations
Auteur-e-s : Yves BOUVIER
European Perspectives on a Disaster: Courrières (1906)
Auteur-e-s : Alain BELTRAN
Expertise and knowledge
Finnish Forestry: from the periphery to the centre of the European forestry
Auteur-e-s : Elena KOCHETKOVA
European Commission’s White Paper on European Governance (2001) (The)
Auteur-e-s : Emanuel BERTRAND
Between control and liberty
Communications Surveillance during World War I
Auteur-e-s : Andreas MARKLUND
Shortwave Broadcasters operated by the Portuguese Political Opposition 1960-1970s
Auteur-e-s : Nelson RIBEIRO
European sports circulations
Automobile, sport, and tourism
Auteur-e-s : Sébastien MOREAU
Council of Europe and sport: origin and circulation of a European sporting model (The)
Auteur-e-s : William GASPARINI
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