Migrations in Europe

Europe-wide analyses of human flows, trajectories, and mobilities in collaboration with the Institut Convergences Migrations.

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Changes to Borders
Border, Belonging, and Circulations in the Pyrenees during the Modern Period
Auteur-e-s : Alexandre DUPONT
Gender and circulations in Europe
Women’s travels in Europe
Auteur-e-s : Nicolas BOURGUINAT
Women Letter Writers and the Construction of a European Space
Auteur-e-s : Marie-Claire HOOCK-DEMARLE
Women, gender and exile in Europe during the modern period
Auteur-e-s : Delphine DIAZ
Women and ICT: reflecting on European circulations
Auteur-e-s : Valérie SCHAFER
Gender of Migrations in the European Union: From the Single European Act (1986) to the Present (The)
Auteur-e-s : Aliki ANGELIDOU, Jean-Luc RICHARD
Gender and the Administration of Immigration in Europe
Auteur-e-s : Philippe RYGIEL
Gender and circulations in Europe
Auteur-e-s : Delphine DIAZ
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