Wars and traces of war

The conflicts of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries–guerilla conflict, civil war, world war–along with the material and psychological traces left by wars.

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War fronts
Figuring war with maps in Europe
Author(s) : Daniel FOLIARD
From Sea to Land
Author(s) : Thomas VAISSET
Siege of Leningrad (1941-1944) (The)
Author(s) : François-Xavier NÉRARD
From Propaganda at the Front to a Propaganda Front
Author(s) : Maude WILLIAMS
Victors and the vanquished in Europe
Victors and Vanquished in Europe
Author(s) : Catherine HOREL
Ending War
Author(s) : Isabelle DAVION
Czechoslovak Legions (1914-1919)
Author(s) : Antoine MARÈS
The violence of war
Music and Torture
Author(s) : Élise PETIT
Author(s) : Thomas CHOPARD
Genocide: History and Uses of a Concept
Author(s) : Simon PEREGO
Representations of war
Photojournalism in Europe, 1920-1970
Author(s) : Mathieu JESTIN
Berlin Wall (The)
Author(s) : Corine DEFRANCE
Comics and War
Author(s) : Mathieu JESTIN, Bettina SEVERIN-BARBOUTIE
War Reporters
Author(s) : Mathieu JESTIN
Painting War
Author(s) : Marie-Pierre REY
Writing on War
Author(s) : Mathieu JESTIN
Objects and material aspects of war
Modernization and Representations of Artillery in Europe
Author(s) : Pierre BOUILLON
Playing at War in Modern Europe
Author(s) : Bérénice ZUNINO
Trench Art
Author(s) : Quentin BARIL
Bayonet (The)
Author(s) : Nicolas DUJIN
Barbed Wire in Wartim: Uses and Memories
Author(s) : Erwan LE GALL
Amateur Photography and War
Author(s) : Daniel FOLIARD
Contending with meteorological conditions in times of war in Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
Author(s) : Pierre-Louis BUZZI
Military uniform (The)
Author(s) : Pierre BOUILLON
Cultural Heritage, a Central Issue in European Wars during the Modern Period
Author(s) : Bérénice ZUNINO
Movement in times of war
Russian Campaign, French Campaign 1812-1814
Author(s) : Marie-Pierre REY
Dutch colonization project during World War Two (The)
Author(s) : Geraldien VON FRIJTAG
Repressed peoples in the Soviet Union
Author(s) : Grégory DUFAUD
Refugees in Europe
Author(s) : Laure HUMBERT
When war disrupts gender
Feminization of European Armies
Author(s) : Yannick RIPA, Julie LE GAC, Élodie JAUNEAU, Fabrice VIRGILI
War and Virility
Author(s) : Julie LE GAC
Violence, Gender and “Race”
Author(s) : Raphaëlle BRANCHE
Military service and masculinity
Author(s) : Odile ROYNETTE
Is war emancipatory for women?
Author(s) : Françoise THÉBAUD
Sexual violence in times of war
Author(s) : Fabrice VIRGILI
When war disrupts gender
Author(s) : Fabrice VIRGILI
Judging, Atoning, Reconciling
Judging, Atoning, Reconciling
Author(s) : Corine DEFRANCE
Author(s) : Stéphane GACON
Expulsion of the Germans of Czechoslovakia after the Second World War
Author(s) : Catherine HOREL
Town twinning
Author(s) : Corine DEFRANCE, Tanja HERRMANN
International Textbook Revision in Europe from the Late Nineteenth Century to the Present
Author(s) : Romain FAURE
“War Reparations”
Author(s) : Claudia MOISEL
Fraternization in the Armed Forces during the two World Wars.
Author(s) : Maude WILLIAMS
Supreme command in Europe
Author(s) : Simon CATROS
Army Medical Services
Author(s) : Anne-Claire DOUZOU
Music in the Military
Author(s) : Élise PETIT
Prisoners of war and captivity in Europe
Author(s) : Fabien THEOFILAKIS
Combatants (Nineteenth–Twenty-First Century)
Author(s) : Isabelle DAVION
Occupy/Be Occupied
Fighting the resistance in occupied Europe, 1939-1945
Author(s) : Barbara LAMBAUER
Occupation Regimes and Logic
Author(s) : Frédéric DESSBERG
Collaboration in Europe, 1939-1945
Author(s) : Barbara LAMBAUER
Resistance to Military Occupations in Europe from the 19th Century
Author(s) : James CONNOLLY
Liberating and Being Liberated in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Europe
Author(s) : Claire MIOT
From the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation to the Shoah Memorial
Author(s) : Annette WIEVIORKA
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