Marie-Emmanuelle CHESSEL

Marie-Emmanuelle Chessel is an historian, research director at CNRS and a member of the Center for Sociology of Organizations (Sciences Po).

She is interested in the history of consumption, especially consumer mobilizations and social surveys, particularly  in Christian circles. She studies France in the 20th century, focusing transnational circulations.


  • with Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier : « The making of the consumer. Historical and sociological perspectives », in Olga Kravets, Pauline Maclaran, Steven Miles, Alladi Venkatesh (eds), The SAGE Handbook of Consumer Culture, Londres, Sage, 2018, p. 43-60.
  • Histoire de la consommation (La Découverte, 2012).
  • Consommateurs engagés à la Belle Epoque. La Ligue sociale d’acheteurs (Presses de Sciences Po, 2012).

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