Anne-Laure BRIATTE

Anne-Laure Briatte, the holder of an agrégation in German and a doctorate in Germanic studies and history, is Senior Lecturer of German History and Civilization at the University Paris-Sorbonne. She is part of the “Mondes germaniques” team of SIRICE (UMR 8138), the “Gender & Europe” research group of the LabEx “Écrire une histoire nouvelle de l’Europe” (LabEx EHNE), and of the international network of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft: “Gender – Nation – Emancipation. Women and Families in the ‘long’ Nineteenth Century in Italy and Germany.”

Her research focuses on German feminisms during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and on the dimension of gender in politics. She is notably the author of Citoyennes sous tutelle. Le mouvement féministe « radical » dans l'Allemagne wilhelmienne (Bern: Peter Lang, 2013). She has also edited a research feature on “Les femmes dans la vie politique allemande depuis 1945,” which appeared in the journal Allemagne d’aujourd’hui, No. 207 (2014).